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EDI services

Implementation and Operation of Ediport's EDI Services

The implementation of EDI services consists of several steps, which together form a single process.

The interpretation of EDI documents represents the planning phase of EDI implementation. In practice suppliers receive a request for EDI use by a buyer or manufacturer, which is accompanied by various documents. These documents can be divided into three main groups. The first type of documents serves for consultation regarding the communication parameters of the EDI connection. The second, known as Message Implementation Guideline, concerns data reconciliation. The third document group consists of the EDI agreement between the supplier and its client, together with its appendices. The data of the first two document groups are for the most part interpreted or requested as parameters by us as the service provider. The third group of contractual documents is of course managed and signed by the supplier. We provide assistance with filling in the technical appendix of the agreement.

The construction of communication - performed towards our client and their partner almost entirely by us - takes place in the development phase of EDI implementation. Another important part of the development phase is the consultation on data, during which we clarify the data that will be sent and expected by the partner of our client. The way in which our client can interpret these data and generate them in their in-house system for messages to be sent is an important issue. The file format used for both receiving and sending data may by the file format used by our client. In the third part of the development phase we create the EDI conversion tables required by our client, using which we convert data to the necessary formats as part of our service.

Development is followed by testing and live commissioning, in which we naturally cooperate as service provider.


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