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EDI services

Delivery of EDI system

Delivery and installation of EDI systems

As EDI system integrator, we can also undertake the delivery and installation of EDI systems, setting up EDI server systems at our clients according to their needs. We provide three-tier support in connection with the software supplied, which also includes their monitoring. For these systems we provide a Help Desk service, together with on-site customer support upon request.One of our most important system implementation activities concerns the development of the messages involved in the data exchange and their insertion into the given IT environment. Messages can be designed according to functional needs or the well-defined requirements of the partner (Message Implementation Guideline, MIG). We test messages and commission the requested data exchange with partners. Upon request we can also provide gradual EDI implementation at partners under our “EDI roll out” service.

EDI  software

For the construction of an EDI system at our clients we recommend our BizTalk-based EDI server software which allows the creation of smaller or larger EDI centres. The EDI server runs as BizTalk module (connector) in the BizTalk environment which as an application integrator device widely used on the market provides the communication and application integration connections for EDI conversion. The EDI server operates the connections of several partners (e.g. suppliers) simultaneously, in a controlled and automatic manner. This enables the separate handling of several EDI communities and the connection of numerous service providers offering value-added services. The development of EDI messages takes place in Visual Studio, a comprehensive and widespread development environment. Any EDI standard can be used and the converter used by the server can also perform conversions outside EDI standards. Pre- and post-conversion processing can also be added to the conversion process. The system can be logged and monitored at several levels, and messages can be archived according to connection characteristics. The EDI server can service several in-house applications at the same time, in a controllable and logged manner. In addition to handling EDI, BizTalk can also be used for other business management integrations.


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