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EDI services

Implementation of the EDI service

On the basis of the EDI documents EDI development involves three main areas:

Communications development
Under communications development we connect our client with their partner through our EDI service using the communication lines requested. The communication protocols of our client and their partner can be different - this means that our client does not need to meet the communications requirements set by their partner. For our client this means avoiding the costs associated with purchasing communications software and operation.

Data reconciliation

Our clients can send and receive messages in their own, in-house file format, and do not need to meet the file format requirements set by their partner. Through the conversion of data formats our service ensures that the partner receives messages in the format they require. The data exchanged, however, must not change during conversion, and must be interpreted by our client when receiving, or generated in their own file format when sending messages. This means that the data to be exchanged must be interpreted and the data formats clarified for the creation of conversion tables. This process, known as data reconciliation, is for the most part performed by us between our client (or their system administrator) and their partner. With this we take the burden of an organisational task that requires in-depth knowledge of EDI standards and, in the case of a foreign partner, considerable familiarity with specialised terms in a foreign language off the shoulders of our client.

Development of EDI conversion
Once the communication links have been constructed and the data content to be exchanged and their formats clarified, we can move on to developing the EDI conversion, which is entirely performed by us. By providing a conversion service we relieve our clients from having to purchase and operate EDI conversion software and carrying our EDI developments.

Further details of the professional aspects of the construction of communication channels, data reconciliation, and conversion standards can be found in our sub-menus.

With regard to EANCOM our system is capable of handling both Hungarian and German EANCOM message templates.


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